Technology Blueprint

OpEff helps firm set up technology blueprint using existing and custom technologies. Whether a firm has zero technology and is relying on Excel or it some technology or it has convolutions of multiple redudant technologies, OpEff advises firms on how to operate at peak efficiency.

Geneva Implementations

Although the most versatile and productive system in the portfolio accounting space, Advent Geneva is a very complex product. Any Geneva implementation is not straightforward and we must thoroughly analyze requirements of stakeholders in order to maximize productivity and efficiency that Geneva brings to the table. Some clients simply use the calculation engine of Advent Geneva to perform portfolio accounting but Geneva is much more than that. It has a very robust interfacing engine and a custom report development platform. It also packages a suite of supplementary modules to provide automated reconciliations, data flow monitoring and out of the box price and security master feeds. We have developed a very successful methodology that we call AAAPL from our experience over the years and are able to advise our clients in a way so that maximum benefits are reaped from the platform by involving various groups that can utilize the product.

Geneva World Investor

Advent has recently integrated its partnership accounting product, Advent Partner, into Geneva which brings the most robust and versatile portfolio, fund and partnership accounting product to the financial industry with specific feature set for private equity and legal entity accounting. This, by far, is the most comprehensive and fully integrated product in the market, which saves accounting teams from a lot of manual workarounds, spreadsheets and need for customized development. With our prime experience in this area, we can guide you through the implementation and in setting up a streamlined workflow around Geneva and Geneva World Investor.

Geneva Upgrade

Being the flagship product, Advent is committed towards continuous enhancements and new features to keep Geneva stand out in the marketplace. We advise that clients upgrade their version of Geneva from time to time to reap the benefits of new features, performance and an array of bug fixes. It also helps in keeping the upgrade cost effective compared to when the in-house version is lagging the current version by several major releases. Our 4-streamed upgrade methodology for upgrades has a proven track record in achieving cost effectiveness and efficiency by using automated tools throughout the upgrade process. We have developed a web based reconciliation tool which compares different versions of Geneva and it has dramatically reduced upgrade time and effort. Contact us for details.

RSL Report Development

Advent Geneva has a very customizable reporting development platform and proprietary RSL language to develop reports and the development experience can make all the difference in quality and performance of the reports being written. We have the right experience and deep expertise in developing the reports and can take it to the next mile by aggregating Geneva data with other in-house data sources bringing the efficiencies and accuracy of realtime data warehouse. We have developed a RSL best practices guide to make sure report run most efficiently. With various related technologies at your disposal like RDL, SSIS, SQL-CLR, GLMaps, Virtual Tables, RLBs, Query Engine, Web Services etc there are multiple ways of writing the same report and choosing the right set for a given situation can mean a report taking an hour to run and still producing incorrect results versus 5 minutes and accurate results. With our iterative and agile development approach we develop what you want and not what you end up getting with a black box development approach.

Workflow Manager Integrations

Geneva's Workflow Manager features flexible integration to external sources and detailed monitoring of daily jobs in a straight through processing model. Geneva also has a very flexible interfacing engine that can feed data in and out very easily. It provides 7 different ways to perform the same interfacing task and knowing the right way to get the job done is critical to how efficient and how long the intraday and end of day processes take. We have deep expertise in development custom applications that interface with Geneva and can provide a robust and integrated technology platform after thorough analysis of business processes & functions.

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