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Contact us today to evaluate your business, its operations and technology profile. We'll tailor your technology and operations blueprint to suit your business profile.

Size of your firm

  • Unregistered
  • Start up building assets
  • Mid sized ramping up in assets
  • Large sized with steady growth
  • Corporate or public company
  • Investment areas

  • Long/short equity only
  • Equities with derivatives
  • Seperately managed accounts
  • Fixed income, asset Backed or loans
  • Real estate with multiple investing entities
  • Family office
  • Fund of funds
  • Pension fund or an LP member
  • Current operations

  • Trade submission & confirmation process
  • Investment accounting process
  • Investor accounting
  • Admin and custodian reconciliations
  • Fees and returns verification
  • Compliance (regulatory and corporate)
  • Treasury management
  • Expense allocation
  • Manual spreadsheets
  • Current technology setup

  • Front office and OMS system
  • Execution management system
  • Risk measurement system
  • Accounting system
  • Investor relations
  • Reconciliation systems
  • Corporate GL system
  • Performance measurement system
  • Vendor profiles

  • Auditors
  • Law firms
  • Fund administrators
  • Custodians
  • Prime brokers
  • Valuation agencies
  • Counterparties
  • Technology providers
  • Infrastructure servicers

  • OpEff Technologies - Mission Statement

    OpEff Technologies was founded in 2012 with the mission to revamp the technology stack of the alternative investment industry. In addition, it has strived to bring this stack to the latest generation of cloud computing and a true, web based user experience while consolidating and simplifying the operations technology suite. OpEff has partnered with leading investment management firms and pioneered the first ever web based portfolio accounting and waterfall allocation system. Our breakthrough technology features a-la-carte modules that include:

    1. A fund accounting and reporting system with realtime general ledger, financial statements and expense allocation
    2. A waterfall allocation system for hedge funds and private equity structures, with investor liquidity & capital management, fee calculations and integrated CRM
    3. A data warehousing and reconciliation system to automate transaction and position recs against fund admin and PB recs
    4. A tax accounting system to convert book income to tax and allocate amongst partners using aggregate or waterfall methodology in both standard hedge fund structures as well as more complex private equity structures

    The technology is complemented with outsourced back office and operations services to handle shadow reconciliations and other administrative functions to provide a true one stop shop experience for our clients. Contact us to learn more about our mission, technology and services.