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With a mission to revamp technology stack of the alternative investments industry and a team of talented software engineers and industry experts, OpEff has partnered with some of the leading investment management firms to bring the industry the first ever true web based portfolio accounting and investor allocation system that solves complex problems such as fund NAV and financial reporting, investor waterfalls, tax calculations & allocations and robotic process automation that is second to none.

  • Fund accounting and reporting system
  • Waterfall allocation system
  • Data warehousing and reconciliation system
  • LP tax accounting and K1 prep system

There has to be a better way than spreadsheets and there is!

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What We Do


Outsourced Services

  • NAV Reconciliations
  • Capital Registry Checks
  • Fund Administration
  • Shadow Accounting
  • Investor Onboarding
  • Funds & Liquidity Management
  • Asset Servicing
  • Derivatives and Level 3 valuations

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Perfona System


  • The only web-based comprehensive PMS
  • Waterfall Calculator
  • Shadow Accounting
  • Investor Management
  • Data Warehouse
  • Reconciliations
  • Desk, Operations, Accounting, IR
  • On or off-premise
  • Third Party Integrations

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Technology Consulting

  • Back Office System
  • Bespoke Application Development
  • Operations Subject Matter Expertise
  • Build Technology Blueprint
  • Implement and Maintain Systems
  • Polyglot Technologies
  • Spreadsheet Automation
  • Bespoke App & Report Development

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A fully integrated web-based system to manage all areas of an investment management firm

And how it compares to legacy 800 pound gorillas


Next generation portfolio management system. Fully cloud based with myriads of features.


You can expect front, middle, back office, investor relations, operations, treasury management in one single platform.


Let us manage Perfona for you while you stay lean and mitigate operational risk.


Data Warehouse

Reconciliation System

Custom Reporting

Software as a Service

All Inclusive means ALL-INCLUSIVE period!

A comprehensive system that consolidated several standalone systems into one.

Fund Accounting System

True realtime multicurrency general ledger that supports chart of accounts, double entry accounting and full consolidated financial statements.

Portfolio Management System

Manage portfolio management teams and strategies effectively and track respective holdings and P&L attribution. Price securities and generation portfolio valuations

Investor Relations System

Manage prospects and investors along with sales pipeline, followup reminders and communication history. Provide investor portal to investors to issue statements, quarterly letters and transparency to the level that you want.

Partnership Accounting System

Allocate P&L to investors, calculate management and incentive fees and gross and net returns. Track commitments, issue capital calls, draw capital and distribute income.

Trade Order Management System

Manage trade blotter, execute trades, connect to brokers and review confirmations.

Allocation System

An innovative way to track allocations in various areas. Track expense allocations, allocations to various legal entities in a portfolio company or allocations to investors within the investing entity.

Compliance System

Setup compliance rules for portfolio and track violations in a realtime database. Generate regulatory forms including 13F, Form PF and Form ADV

Research Management System

Track issuers, ideas, research material, meetings with investment target, expenses related to investment research and execution of trades.

Credit Loan Platform

Track private lending or syndicated loan facilities. Manage term loans, revolvers, delayed draws and calculate accruals and upcoming payments.

Asset Backed and Fixed Income Accounting

Calculate principal amortization, coupons and interest accrual. Manage principal paydowns and interest income .

Data Warehouse

Integrate with third-party systems. Pull data from third parties and other sources and in various formats (CSV, Excel, XML etc) into Perfona or deliver extracts to third parties and systems for processing. Build dynamic reports on warehoused data.

Reconciliation System

Reconcile cash, position, transactions to third parties. Define complex reconciliation rules.

Document Management System

Online management of files. Access your drive from anywhere and upload your documents to document repository.

Treasury Management

Manage income from various funds and perform corporate accounting.

Workflow Management

Automate workflows and manual spreadsheets. OpEff's development team to support critical business processes.

Human Resources

Manage system users and various users in the firm and track activities.


How to get started

Contact us today to evaluate your business, its operations and technology profile. We'll tailor your technology and operations blueprint to suit your business profile.

Size of your firm

  • Unregistered
  • Start up building assets
  • Mid sized ramping up in assets
  • Large sized with steady growth
  • Corporate or public company
  • Investment areas

  • Long/short equity only
  • Equities with derivatives
  • Seperately managed accounts
  • Fixed income, asset Backed or loans
  • Real estate with multiple investing entities
  • Family office
  • Fund of funds
  • Pension fund or an LP member
  • Current operations

  • Trade submission & confirmation process
  • Investment accounting process
  • Investor accounting
  • Admin and custodian reconciliations
  • Fees and returns verification
  • Compliance (regulatory and corporate)
  • Treasury management
  • Expense allocation
  • Manual spreadsheets
  • Current technology setup

  • Front office and OMS system
  • Execution management system
  • Risk measurement system
  • Accounting system
  • Investor relations
  • Reconciliation systems
  • Corporate GL system
  • Performance measurement system
  • Vendor profiles

  • Auditors
  • Law firms
  • Fund administrators
  • Custodians
  • Prime brokers
  • Valuation agencies
  • Counterparties
  • Technology providers
  • Infrastructure servicers
  • About Us

    OpEff was born out of complexities and convolutions of legacy and behemoth systems at larger firms and operational ineffectiveness of smaller firms arising from intimidating technology endeavors thereby relying on Excel spreadsheets. The industry demanded a comprehensive, easy to use system with lowest cost of ownership that meets the standards of present day technologies. OpEff with its products and services have successfully removed technology clutter from large-sized companies and helped smaller managers by setting up rapidly and allowing to scale. Technology is our passion, radical is our approach and agile are our development methods. This separates us from all other legacy software provider who are struggling to find ways to revamp their technology. No other firm has the state of the art technology backed by years of experience from advising clients in technology. What's next? AI and blockchain to settle transactions and streamline settlement process so that there is a single book of records.


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