OpEff has pioneered a comprehensive fund accounting and investor allocation system, Perfona, for hedge funds, private equity and real estate firms



OpEff provides shadow NAV, investor statement reconciliation and bespoke back office accounting services.


Underpinned by our accounting and investor technology, OpEff provides a high-touch automated service that leverages AI for NAV processing.


Perfona Technology is an all-in-one back office suite

Fund accounting with multi-asset support and realtime multi-currency general ledger Investor accounting with CRM, fee calculations, capreg management and statement generation Data room and warehouse with file management and automated third-party data processing Reconciliation system with custom matching rules and workflows Bespoke reporting and financial statements Investor portal that leverages investor accounting to onboard new clients and generate statements In the lab: tax and K1 prep system and fund projection system

Best-in-class shadow accounting and back office services from our offshore division using our technology

Month-end and quarter-end NAV reconciliations to fund admins

Daily trade and cash reconciliation to custodians and prime brokers

Month-end and quarter end-investor allocations, fees and PDF statement reconciliation to fund admin

Year-end financial statement preparation and follow ups with auditor

A fund administration service for private equity, hedge fund and real estate funds that is high-touch and highly automated

Zero reliance on third-party technology vendors Fully accounting, bookkeeping across the full fund structure including portfolio companies, feeder funds, side pockets and coinvest vehicles Monthly, quarter and yearly NAV packages and financial statements Automated and spreadsheet-less investor allocations, fee calculations, capital registry management and investor statement generation Investor portal product to track investor KYC and AML information and subscription documents Cash management, wiring and distribution service

About Us

OpEff was born out of complexities and convolutions of legacy and behemoth systems at larger firms and the operational ineffectiveness of smaller firms arising from intimidating technology endeavors thereby relying on Excel spreadsheets. The industry demanded a comprehensive, easy-to-use system with the lowest cost of ownership that meets the standards of present-day web and cloud-based technologies. OpEff, with its products and services, has successfully removed technology clutter from large-sized companies and has helped smaller managers set up rapidly, allowing them to scale. Technology is our passion, radical is our approach and agile are our development methods. This separates us from all other legacy software providers who are struggling to find ways to revamp their technology. Over the years, we have built a true ERP that no other technology behemoths have been able to build, and we continue to service it with our high-touch outsourced services.


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