Bloomberg - A sea of information

With several years of experience working in Bloomberg's research & development, we recognize the value that Bloomberg adds to an organization. It is a sea of information and it pretty easy to get lost trying to figure out where and how to get the most accurate information quickly and reliably. With over 2000 function mnemonics and various external ways to pull the data out of Bloomberg, clients can very easily divert themselves into buying more expensive technology from external vendors while it is already present on Bloomberg. Bloomberg can provide information and technology to augment front, middle and back office without requiring extra technology systems and dependencies. For e.g., Bloomberg's content-rich data license product can enrich many in-house analytics, while staying in compliance with Bloomberg's usage agreement and bringing cost efficiencies.

We have a deep experience with various functions on Bloomberg and interfaces available at Bloomberg to provide an integrated platform. And through our experience at several hedge funds and buyside companies, we can direct you in proper selection of the toolset from Bloomberg and implementation of a Bloomberg integrated technology platform that fits your business needs. Whether you are complex derivative shop with derivatives, bank loans and multi-strategy instruments or a simple long short equity shop, Bloomberg has it all available to you. Some of the cost effective features available at Bloomberg are:

  • - Alternative Investment Management System (AIMS - Trading System)
  • - Trade Order Management System (TOMS - Geared towards sellside)
  • - Bloomberg Data Solutions (BBDL - Licensed data)
  • - Derivative Cross Asset Platform (Rates, Credit, FX, Equity)
  • - Equity and Fixed Income Research, Screening
  • - Fixed Income, Commodities & Derivative Pricing Analytics
  • - Portfolio & Risk Analytics
  • - Microsoft Excel Integrated Add-in
  • - Bloomberg Anywhere
  • - Launchpad Monitor

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